Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trelumina Trio at Strathmore

Last week we had a great evening out and went to hear the Trelumina Trio at Strathmore. My flute teacher, Sharon Woster Pabon, had told me about the performance since she knows the flutist, Alicia Kosack, from graduate school. The other members of the group include a bassoonist, Kimberly Buchar Kelley, and pianist, Rebecca Wilt. I had been looking forward to this performance since Sharon speaks so highly of Alicia's playing, and the concert was scheduled on one of our few free evenings!

When we arrived at the Mansion, we thought there may not be any seats left since they asked us if we were on the guest list. When we said we weren't, they told us that they were having a special evening where they invited members of the surrounding community to come hear a performance and that we would not have to pay for tickets. That was a great surprise after thinking we may not be able to hear the performance at all.

We wandered around the Mansion to see the displayed artwork and then went in to hear the trio. Looking at the program, we were nervous that the pieces may be a little too unusual for our taste, since some had names such as Doppler Effect. Despite our initial hesitations, we enjoyed the whole program, and in particular Eric Ewazen's Pastorale, one movement of his Ballade, Pastorale, and Dance. The piece was originally written for flute, french horn, and piano, but the group transcribed the piece for their instrumentation. We also learned that Doppler Effect was inspired by an experience the composer had while sitting at a street cafe in Italy and hearing the hustle and bustle of the city. It was fun to hear little tidbits of the history of the group, pieces, or composers and to sit so close to the performers as they played.

This is the first professional chamber group we've heard, and luckily it was a good first experience. Next Thursday we plan to go to Eclatante's performance at the Lyceum, the first I'll have been to for my teacher. I heard a couple measures of one piece as I walked up the stairs to my lesson, so I'm excited to hear the full thing next week.

Concert Program

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