Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pancakes on the Road

The hotel continental breakfast can range drastically depending on the specific location where we stay. This weekend the hotel did have a decent assortment of food and drinks available, but we had also planned to try out a breakfast of our own to see if it would be a good option in the future. Without a refrigerator or microwave, our options are limited. Though we frequently make Bisquick pancakes or oatmeal with sausage on weekend mornings we're home, we don't have anywhere to store milk, eggs, or meat on the road. Instead, we packed up a box of Aunt Jemima Original Complete pancake mix, which only requires the addition of water. Along with our handy electric griddle/waffle maker, we made a batch of pancakes in our hotel room, being careful not to set off the fire alarm. (It seemed particularly touchy last night when the smoke detector went off from the shower.) Though the pancakes aren't quite the same as what we normally have, they are a good option for breakfast on the road.

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  1. Jessica - thanks for finding me so I could find you! Have a great time on the road.