Saturday, November 8, 2008

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies

Zagat came through once again with a good meal out during our cyclocross racing weekend travels. We stopped by De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies to pick up two pizzas on the way to the hotel. I think it's probably the closest we've had in the US to what we tasted in Italy (though still different). The pizzas are full of good flavor, are light on the cheese, and have great fresh ingredients. It all melds together well in your mouth, with much less grease than we usually find with take-out pizza.

We've been loving fresh basil on our pizzas, so the first pizza had pepperoni with basil. To have a little extra for tomorrow, we got a second small pizza with sausage. Then, when we were paying for the order, they threw an extra cheese pizza onto our stack of boxes. We always love free food, especially when it's good free food.

Also, the restaurant is so popular that the wait for our pizza order was an hour for us to walk out with it! I just wonder if the wait inside would have been longer or shorter. Luckily the hotel was close, and we could wait comfortably in anticipation. The pizzas are delicious, and they were a good start to the evening of catching up on some missed Friday Night Lights episodes.

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