Friday, November 14, 2008

Soup and Sandwiches

I don't remember ever having split pea soup, but it seems to generate contorted faces when I ask people what they think of it. Despite its reputation, I was up for giving it a try, so I made this Shaker Split Pea Soup with grilled fontina sandwiches. We did have to allow time to simmer the soup, but otherwise, this meal required little preparation.

I made a bit more than the original recipe so we'd have enough for lunch the next day. Also, I put a little less water in because of the comments I read saying it was too watery. Though it may have been fine, I'd rather it be on the thicker side. I didn't mash the peas at all at the end of the simmer, since the soup was already a good consistency.

The sandwiches were made with fresh baguettes from Costco that we treat ourselves to on occasion and thin slices of fontina cheese. I mixed Dijon mustard with chopped green onions and put a thin layer on the inside of each slice. After lightly coating the sandwiches with cooking spray, I grilled them for a couple minutes on each side.

The soup and sandwiches were both very good. The soup had plenty of flavor and a good consistency. Maybe the bacon pieces could entice skeptics to give it a try.

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