Friday, September 30, 2011

Children's Apron

My little boy turns two next week, which calls for a special gift. He's been a big help in the kitchen lately, so I know he'll get excited to have his own apron. Usually I wait until after giving a gift to post it, but since he's not yet reading blogs, I decided it would be safe to share pictures of the apron fresh from the sewing table. After searching the internet, I found a children's apron pattern at Sew Liberated that comes with high reviews. Hopefully everyone else's trial and error will result in a great apron the first time around.

This apron only took a little over an evening to complete. I was excited to pull out some fabric I bought years ago for...something...and now I have a something to use it for. I'm looking forward to watching the little boy throw the apron over his head and set out to work next week (maybe in time to help make the cake for his party), but for now it's still pretty cute hanging on its own.

Here's a picture of the little boy's current cooking attire. He's standing proudly by a tester cake we made to see if I knew how to use the train pan before the main event. The picture was snapped just before his little hands reached up and grabbed the smoke stack to see if it tasted any good. Luckily he approved and now likes to request "happy birthday cake" at various times throughout the day.

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