Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Distractions and Changes

A cute little kid has been occupying most of my time lately. We do eat dinner, and we even cook most nights (or have leftovers). In order to give myself the chance of updating our recipes more regularly, I will now link to the recipe I used and eliminate pictures unless I have extra time available. Sorry to make it less interesting, but it's the best chance to update this site. I'll try to note any changes I made in the text since I'm not writing out the full recipe with them.

We're also exploring the world of no eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, and seafood. I think that's everything; it's hard to remember it all. Hopefully it'll be temporary, but those are the doctor's orders for now. Anyway, I enjoy chicken nuggets/tenders and fries on occasion, but since the pre-prepared versions have egg in them or are fried with things that include one of the above "bad" foods, I decided to try out making them myself last night.

The Chicken Nuggets and Sweet Fries worked out pretty well except everything could have been crispier. Next time I'll try a slightly higher temperature from the beginning instead of waiting until later in the baking process to increase it. Also, to maintain the desired "no egg" meal, I substituted a combination of mustard and honey instead of honey mustard which I now know has mayonnaise in it (bad food). Next time I'll use more to give the chicken better flavor.

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